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Cartoon - Jonas

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Cartoon de Jonas. El Video Cartoon puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Te invitamos a recorrer las letras de canciones de Jonas. Dispones de videos, noticias, imagenes y toda la musica de Jonas desde el menu de opciones.

Jonas - Cartoon

Lover layyour jacket right there by the stairs
And lay your love down by the bed there
Let dawn admit that your eyes are silver and blue
Let your body talk for you here
As that day turned to grey
And our hearts went there ways
I always thought "one day"…
On my way to being next to you
Tell me once again you think this might be true
On my way to being part of you
Tell me now and then you thnik this might come true
Just not today
A finger tip away from hands down affair
Both feet in
These hearts are scared
Let the night immit beautiful musk of lust
Let my body talk for you here

Jonas Cartoon

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