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Letra de Cancion Dvno de Justice

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Letra de Cancion Dvno de Justice. El Video Dvno puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Tienes mas videos debajo. Para seleccionar tu video favorito de Dvno e interpretarlo con la letra de la cancion o solo escucharlo. Te invitamos ademas a ver mas letras de canciones de Justice en Musica de. Recuerda que puedes visitar las imagenes, videos, noticias y toda la musica de Justice desde el menu de musica.

Justice - Dvno

It's always the same
Always ashamed
Story telling
"When I can't come in"
To a hopeless troglodyte
One more time
My answer stands
I swear I mean "no offense"
But you better learn to read
It's all about membership

Hey, for young and old
Ugly girls and boys
I put you on my list
And make you clap to this mayhem
I just don't need that trip
But only one can win
And soon you'll say that's him

D v n o
Four capital letters
Printed in gold
'Cause details make the girls sweat even more
While they're shaking their belt
No need to ask my name
To figure out how cool I am

Can anyone read, anyone feel
That I'm losing my patience
I just came here to bounce
Ladies are waxed
They all know I'm coming
I'm losing my patience
I just came here to bounce

Justice Dvno

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