Letra de Cancion Interlude 4 de Alesana

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Letra de Cancion Interlude 4 de Alesana

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Interlude 4 de Alesana. El Video Interlude 4 puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Te invitamos a recorrer las letras de canciones de Alesana. Dispones de videos, noticias, imagenes y toda la musica de Alesana desde el menu de opciones.

Alesana - Interlude 4

Her youthful flush color had drained from her
Much like the very blood from her veins
Upon the bedding on which she lied
Such a foul image for one to behold,
But in some twisted way it only seemed to enhance her exquisite beauty,
Like a lily on a grave
I have failed
Once again I have let her down
My poor, sweet Annabel
You trusted in me, you gave me your love, your soul
Now I fall to my knees in front of the man who took you from me
I fall pathetic, defeated
I will be with you again so soon, my love
So very soon
The eyes of an angel await me and I'll be damned if he thinks he can stop me now

Annabel: Sweetheart? Darling? Turn around. It's me
Follow my voice
Everything is going to be okay, my love
Everything will be fine
It's all over now

Alesana Interlude 4

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