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Letra de Cancion Intermission Ii de Tlc

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Intermission Ii de Tlc. El Video Intermission Ii puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Te invitamos a recorrer las letras de canciones de Tlc. Dispones de videos, noticias, imagenes y toda la musica de Tlc desde el menu de opciones.

Tlc - Intermission Ii

Dang, girlie look pretty fly in those
Jeans right there, those tight jeans
Huh, girlie looks very wrong
Um, real nasty stank
Cootie cutters...
Ya know what I'm talkin' about
She needs a case of ho remover
This ain't one cute behind

Ho remover
Just a sprinkle a day
Watch your ho fade away
Has your ho been sprinkled today

She can be my ho any day...

Tlc Intermission Ii

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