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Letra de Cancion It Hurts de Roxette

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It Hurts de Roxette. El Video It Hurts puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Te invitamos a recorrer las letras de canciones de Roxette. Dispones de videos, noticias, imagenes y toda la musica de Roxette desde el menu de opciones.

Roxette - It Hurts

Can you tell me where it leads when its neverending?
Can you tell me where to go when no ones home?
And I know, You know
It hurts
It hurts to be alone
You're on your own
On a one way train going down
Can you tell me what to say when theres no one listening?
Can you show me what to do when all is done?
I know, you know
It hurts
Its hurts to be alone
The plan has gone wrong
Like a runaway train going down
Going down down down
Going down

Roxette It Hurts

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