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Letra de Cancion Poet's Justice de Uriah Heep

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Letra de Cancion Poet's Justice de Uriah Heep. El Video Poet's Justice puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Tienes mas videos debajo. Para seleccionar tu video favorito de Poet's Justice e interpretarlo con la letra de la cancion o solo escucharlo. Te invitamos ademas a ver mas letras de canciones de Uriah Heep en Musica de. Recuerda que puedes visitar las imagenes, videos, noticias y toda la musica de Uriah Heep desde el menu de musica.

Uriah Heep - Poet's Justice

The gates have opened, now I'm a free man / My time is over, I need a new plan / But I've had no loving for a year and a day / My lady's waiting, got a taste for her wine / She's wearing money, but none of it's mine / She's been surviving while I've been wasting away / Back in my room, it ain't quite the same / You can't hide it, I'm onto your game / Rough Justice, there's no disguise / Losing my lover / And I can tell by the look in your eyes / Rough Justice, I've had my share / Looking for cover / I've done my time, but I'm still running scared / Rough Justice, coming down on me / Hand on my shoulder / Long arm of the law never setting me free / Rough Justice, I bide my time / Back in action, riding the crest / Putting all that I learned to the test / No complications, taking it day by day / Freedom of movement, freedom of choice / Free to be right back here with the boys / Ready to listen, but you've got nothing to say / Back in my room, it ain't quite the same / Just can't help it I'm part of your game

Uriah Heep Poet's Justice

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