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Letra de Cancion Weekdays de Carole King

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Letra de Cancion Weekdays de Carole King. El Video Weekdays puedes verlo a la derecha de la letra. Tienes mas videos debajo. Para seleccionar tu video favorito de Weekdays e interpretarlo con la letra de la cancion o solo escucharlo. Te invitamos ademas a ver mas letras de canciones de Carole King en Musica de. Recuerda que puedes visitar las imagenes, videos, noticias y toda la musica de Carole King desde el menu de musica.

Carole King - Weekdays

Weekday mornings
Coffee smell in the air
After you've gone and the children have left for school
I'm alone and I think about all the plans we made
I think about all the dreams I had
And I wonder if I'm a fool

Weekday midday
I've got the marketing done
Plenty to do but nothing to tax my mind
That's allright--it's a habit
Heaven knows I can always watch the daytime shows
And I wonder which story's mine

She loved a man she knew little about
After so many years of trying
So many years of doing without
Oh, but what's the use of crying

Weekday evenings
We sit and I realize
You've dreamed, too, and I kind of understand
I've been with you and you need me to take care of you
But we'll work it out so I'm a person, too
And we'll help each other out the best that we can
'Cause I'm your woman and you're my man

Carole King Weekdays

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