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Lady Gaga's Right-Hand Man, DJ White Shadow, Makes More Than ...
Blair has since partnered with companies like Hasbro and Namco for production work on marketing campaigns and animated films (2017's upcoming My Little Pony, for one); he's continued working with pop's heavy hitters, among them Pitbull (Climate ...

Eater Minneapolis

Where to Get Your Kentucky Derby On - Eater Twin Cities
Eater Minneapolis
This year's Kentucky Derby, the world's most legendary horse racing event, will take place on the first Saturday in May, as it has since 1875. If a trip to Louisville ...

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Whiting Petroleum's Q1 Results: Initial Impressions
Seeking Alpha
Noble's wells in Wells Ranch and East Pony have generated 1M BOE type curves using 6,500 feet laterals and 9-12M lbs of sand. If Whiting achieves anywhere near this level of success with their newer wells, it would be a significant boon, and may ...

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