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Ashburnham begins to dust off Master Plan
Sentinel & Enterprise
"The town of Ashburnham has to re-do it's Master Plan," said Karen Chapman, the principal planner of housing and development at Montachusett Regional Planning Commission. "The plan we're currently operating under is from 1986, so it comes with dust.".

89.3 KPCC

In Hollywood Hills, dirt haulers lead to dust-up among neighbors
89.3 KPCC
Large trucks hauling dirt from home construction sites in Hollywood Hills have drawn angry complaints from neighbors citing safety issues. Doheny Sunset Plaza Neighborhood Association. Los Angeles officials have decided that big trucks can haul away ...

Metro US

Sorry, the dust in your home might be making you pack on the pounds
Metro US
Dusting your house likely ranks at number 900 on your list of favorite hobbies, but a new study by researchers at the American Chemical Society might change that rank — and fast, because it suggests that weight gain is directly linked to dust. For the ...

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