Video de Musica Antonio Aguilar Tristes Recuerdos Con Mariachi

Video de Musica Antonio Aguilar - Tristes Recuerdos (Con Mariachi)

Descripcion del video: Antonio Aguilar reigned among the most popular Mexican singers and actors of his generation, recording more than 150 traditional mariachi albums and a staggering 167 feature films during the course of a career spanning more than a half century. Dubbed "El Charro de México," Aguilar invariably appeared on-stage and onscreen in the sequined garb of the rodeo rider, complete with sombrero. His popularity at home was matched by an enormous fan base of Latinos living in the U.S., and in 1997 he broke box-office records by selling out New York City's Madison Square Garden across six consecutive nights. Born Pascual Antonio Aguilar Barraza outside of Villanueva, Mexico, on May 17, 1919, he began riding horses as a toddler, with a habit of singing while in the saddle. As a teen, he entered the U.S. as an illegal immigrant, settling in Los Angeles and working as a waiter while saving money in hopes of funding acting and singing classes. Upon returning to Mexico in 1945 Aguilar pursued a career in opera, but a friend recommended he instead try his hand at mariachi and "use that powerful voice to sing the songs of the people." By 1950 he was recording, and that same year made his film debut [...].

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