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Criss Pack A Boots - Wayne Wonder

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Wayne Wonder - Criss Pack A Boots

Well I've got a criss pack of boots and a hot gal on my mind,
Then Wayne Wonder what you gonna do??
Cuz I well want a piece so I aint gonna waste no time.
We have the girls them on wi avenue.
I've got a criss pack of boots and a hotty hotty on my mind,
Hey, all of us they want to interview.
Cuz I well want a piece so I aint gonna waste no time.

Verse 1:
Tell her to meet me down stairs I'm in the car,
From bout a mile she a smell mi Jakkar,
Fragrance so strong, stimulate with passion,
As put all mi finger dem inna the cookie jar.
Look up inna mi eye and she si moon and star,
Anticipating mi love seminar,
Crown Plaza, mi never reach too far,
Hennessy at the bar,
Then I bruck out wid har

Verse 2:
She gone and leave a message on my mobile phone,
Seh she's all alone feeling lonely at home,
She wish I was around, to share that golden brown,
What she's giving mi haffi get it as the sun goes down.
Mi circle mi ends fi mi old tiger bone,
Mi wash off mi face and splash on some cologne,
This gal pan mi mind and the bull dog a hound,
A the old village rooster a ransack the town.

Wayne Wonder Criss Pack A Boots

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