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Great White - Easy

Got a handful of nothin', and a rusty old bed;
got our pockets full of wishes, dreams inside our heads.
But this ole world ain't got anything that your love,
your sweet love, ain't gonna give.

No wait a minute, darlin',
I think there's something you ought to hear.
Still crazy 'bout your lovin', girl, even after all these years.
Got a gleam in your eye, and a smile that never fails
to recognize when I'm feelin', feelin' blue.

You're so easy to love, like a warm summer night,
you're so easy to love, and it sure feels right,
you're so easy to love, and I'll be a fool just for you.

Yes, it's been awhile since
I've been lovin' you, chile,
Don'cha leave me alone,
don'cha leave me alone, oh, no.
Don'cha leave me alone, never leave me alone.

Now, they say hearts often wander,
well, let me make one thing perfectly clear;
This ole heart of mine, darlin', is goin' be stayin' right here.
'Cause the love that you give is like a sweet song playin'
through my soul...

You're so easy to love, like a walk in the rain,
you're so easy to love, I'd do it all again,
you're so easy to love, and I'll be a fool just for you.

You're so easy to love,
and I'll be a fool just for you, yes I will.

Great White Easy

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