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Firefly - Damn Yankees

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Damn Yankees - Firefly

Haven't I seen your face before
You greased the handles on my door
Took me for a ride
Down lover's highway
Uh huh, oh yeah
Let's shake it up
Next time you're going my way
I don't want you comin' down
Spread your lightning all around
Yeah that's right baby
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Well pretty faces turn to stone
Pack their bags and head for home
When I dress you in that little next to nothing
Uh huh
I don't think I need you now
Or what
You got to let me know
How far you want to go
Is it yes or no
Unless unless you let me know we never ever ever
Ever gonna get started
Some people never learn
That you just might get burned
Now you just say the word
Come on say it say it to me to me come on
Now say it to me
Once you get started it's hard to get off the road that you're on
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Let your firefly
Let your firefly

Damn Yankees Firefly

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