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T.o.k. - Hotta

TOK (x16)

CHORUS (Flexx)
She's hot, she's blazing every body knows her name and I gotta get her home with me tonight She's hot, she's blazing everybody knows her name and I gotta get that girl in my life.

VERSE 1 (Bay-C)
Papa poppa poppa, top a toppa toppa Look how da gal deh look good and look proper proper Me woulda give her every dime every copper copper Just fi have her all siddung pon my lap a lappa She man a call Miss Toppa Toppa Creme de la creme cream of the crop a croppa Some say them hot but she hotter hotter Make me stu stu stu stu stutter stutter


VERSE 2 (Alex)
Come on baby won't you let me show my love for you With all my heart there's nothing in the world I wouldn't do When I saw you had to find the perfect words to say And I'll do anything girl that you ask for you to come my way (Craigy T)

Kiss me neck a how one gal so gorgeous Haffi get your body baby girl it is a must Haffi get your body you coulda huff you could a puff You could a war you coulda bluff, you coulda fuss you coulda cuss Gal you have the goody goody goody gal trust Bring your body come before my pants front buss Whentime you pass you lef me tempted to touch Me want fi re re rev it out like my Lexus



T.o.k. Hotta

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