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Mista Bone - Great White

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Great White - Mista Bone

(Kendall, Niven, Desbrow, Montana)

That girl is just a cool good looker
That baby's sweeter than raw brown sugar
Never mind cause the fancy took her
She says she wants to let the small head rock her

What a smile
Don't it drive you insane
Ooh ma baby
Drive a mile
Just to ride back again

Baby won't ya rock it tonight

And when she's in the mood
When she needs that lovin' groove
When she wants it rude
She grooves with Mista Bone
If she's in the mood
If she hits that lovin' groove
When she's gettin' rude
She grooves with Mista Bone

Just take it like a sweet injection
Just a token of my affection
Another night we'll take another direction
I'm gonna play you like a rhythm section

What style
Let me see that again
Ooh my baby
Drive a mile
Just to ride you again

Baby won't ya rock it tonight

Great White Mista Bone

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