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Mario - No Definition

I'm not your man, we're more than friends
We make love but I don't call you my lover
I do for you, you do for me
It works because we don't smother each other

It's short and sweet the time we spent
We can't take a second of it for granted, no
I barely understand it, not the way I planned it
Why can't it just be what it is?

Whats in a name if we got what we need
Ain't nobody comin' between us but we
Everything I told you about my love I mean
I said everything that I said I mean

Actions speak louder than words
Baby I'm gonna treat you the way you deserve
We don't need we don't need Definition
We don't need Definition'
What I feel is real and if you look that up
On top of the world you'll see a picture of us
We don't need we don't need Definition
We don't need Definition

We shop, we dine, spend cuddle time
Come over but only on invitation
Not now in time we bought on line
I like you but don't quit your occupation
My heart, my ace but just in case
Let's stay open to other situations
Why tell you we gon be more?
Keep you on a leash for?
I don't wanna string you along girl



Even though we used to the titles and givin' names
But maybe this time we should jus leave this part alone
If this workin for us, Then its workin for us
Don't Go messing it up (Don't go messing it up)

[Chorus 2x]

Mario No Definition

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