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Only Tonight - Jls

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Jls - Only Tonight

Why do you have to leave
Please stay

Forgive me if I think
That you're making a bad decision
Forgive me if I try
Please don't go away
Don't blame me if I want
The two of us to stay together
So let me tell you why

If only tonight
If this is all I got
If I can't have your love
I won't get back up this time
If only tonight
I'll race you to the sun
Before the morning comes
If I can't change your mind
It's only tonight

And tomorrow you're gone
And we're just a song
I'm singing alone

Don't tell me all this time
That you weren't mine
And I meant nothing
Why would you end this dream
Don't wanna wake up just yet
Don't ask me just to forget
Don't rip the heart out of me


I need you, I need you in my life
Nobody, nobody loves me like you
If there was something I could do
To stop you from leaving, coz we're not through


Jls Only Tonight

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