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Party Tun Up - Mr. Vegas

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Mr. Vegas - Party Tun Up

Tell a bwoy sey wuk di money, wuk di money
And run bring it come,
Wuk di money bring it een a lum sum
Mek a bwoy, know yuh nah give him nuh freedom

Yuh stand and a ride and a have one bag fun
Nuh mek nuh bwoy come done out yuh gum
Him tell him friend dem bout yuh aye aye down
Gal jump a round nuh-body neva mek yuh bow down
Bout him want eat and yuh neva did sey so
Gal pickney mi want yuh kill dem with the no
Don't mek nuh bwoy tek yuh fi pappyshow
And tell him fi move him rass if him want yah fi blow


I'm not a mean one
You can ask kerry-ann
Ask har how much money shi get outta mi hand
Shi neva give mi nuh slam, but I understand
Shi sey I have got too many girls I am the wild one
All Natalie still love me
She will left Tony and come sleep with me
Maxine and Gene want have mi baby
Nuff bwoy nuh waun mine dem lady


Mr. Vegas Party Tun Up

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