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Brian Mcfadden - Pull Myself Away

I found myself magnetized
My senses they were hypnotized
Everything was drawing to you
I lost all sense of time
The everyday was pushed aside
Even though I've so much to lose

Do have tried
To open up my eyes
You don't mean a word you say

Can't pull myself away

Now I'm on a danger list
A thief of love that's ever-ish
How can I have such a selfish heart?
Like the river needs the rain
I've come to drink your words again
Back I come to blow my world apart

You can try
To fix it with delight
You don't mean a word you say

Can't pull myself away

Oh what a beautiful way to go
What a beautiful way to go
Oh what a beautiful way.. to go

Something I will never do
Is be a cause of pain for you
Why should (I) just forget it all today

Drawing to you, I can't seem to
Pull myself away
I hear you calling, as I'm falling
Can't pull myself away

Can't pull myself away

Brian Mcfadden Pull Myself Away

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