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Craig David - Rewind

Inter SelectaHyper, hyper, hyper that's what we make ya
Time to mash up the speaker
Craig David, Artful Dodger
Inter selecta (x4)Making moves yeah on the dance floor
Got our groove on dancing yeah real hardcore
From the front to the back that's where I was at
You know, you know the Artful Dodger do it like that
With Craig David all over your...
DJ it's all up to you
When the crowd goes wild
Tell me watcha gonna doRe-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta
Re-e-e-e-e-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta-ta
Re-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta
Re-e-e-e-e-e-wind when the crowd say bo, bo, bo
When the crowd say bo selecta
Re-e-e-e-e-wind whent he crowd say bo selecta-ta
Re-re-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta
This goes out to all the DJsEh, yeah
Eh, eh, yeah (yeah) (x3)
Eh, yeah
Eh (yeah)Re-wind selecta
Rewind se-lec-ta
Re-wind selecta
Re-wind selecta -ta
Re-wind se-lec-ta
Rewind selcta-ta
Re-wind selectaRe-e-wind
Re-wind selecta
Re-wind selecta

Craig David Rewind

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