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Brian Mcfadden - Room To Breathe

Room To Breathe

You think you know me think i give a damn
The boy who was foolish has made me a man
Is it wrong that i don't care that i don't want you anywhere
Near my face near my friends
Don't shed a tear when my life ends

Well i told you not to call me cause
I just cant stand your voice
And all it takes is your name mentioned to ignit the fear of suffering
Dont even say you're sorry cause i know it's all a lie
Here's goodbye forever can't you just give me just a little
Room to breathe (can't you just leave it alone now)
Give me just a little room to breathe (don't you think you've taken enough now)

Nothing you say now can change anything
I don't care how you feel i don't care what you mean
Save it all for someone else
You can drag them through your hell
For all i car and i don't
You killed me once wasn't that enough

Can't get far enough away

Well i told you not to call me cause i just can't stand your lies
I said goodbye forever can't you give me just a little room to breathe

Brian Mcfadden Room To Breathe

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