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Winger - Spell I'm Under

Never before
Without a word
I hear so much
Under the spell
Every sin
Holy in your touch

It's all I feel
It's all I see
And all I know
It must be you

You're the spell I'm under
You're the spell I'm under

How deep can I go
Every inch born a new obsession
How did you know
That I couldn't have helped myself
From comin' closer

To the oracle of faith taboo
All my temptation
Hooked on
You're the spell I'm under
Must be you
You're the spell I'm under
Feels like a drug

My will revealed in your spell
I remember...

You're all I feel
You're all I see
Revolving in the need for

you're the spell I'm under
I know it must be you
You're the spell I'm under
Feels like a drug
Didn't take very long....

Winger Spell I'm Under

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