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Unbelievable - Craig David

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Craig David - Unbelievable

Always said i would know where to find love
Always thought i'd be ready and strong enough
But sometimes i just felt i could give up
But you came and you changed my whole world now
I'm somewhere i've never been before
Now i see…what love means

It's so unbelievable
And i don't wanna let it go
It's something so beautiful
Flowing down like a waterfall
I feel like you've always been
Forever a part of me
And it's so unbelievable
To finally be in love
Somewhere i never thought be

In my heart, in my head it's so clear now
Hold my hand you've got nothing to fear now
I was lost and you've rescued me somehow
I'm alive, i'm in love, you complete me
And i've never been here before
Now i see…what love means


When i think of what i have
And this chance i nearly lost
I can't help but breakdown…
And cry
Oh yeah
Breakdown and cry oh
Oh yeah


Now i see…what love means

Craig David Unbelievable

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